Cosmetic Dentists – Porcelain Veneers & Teeth Whitening

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Cosmetic Dentistry Guide

Porcelain Veneer Benefits

Lasting, Natural, and Beautiful Results

Dental veneers are sculpted individually for each patient, making it almost impossible to distinguish between a natural tooth and a veneer. Dental veneers may be designed so that they match your adjacent natural teeth or used for improving your smile’s aesthetics.

Dental veneers are made out of a high-quality dental porcelain. It reflects light the same way that natural teeth do. Veneers have a semi-translucent appearance, which helps them blend in and provide you with a very natural-looking and beautiful smile. Veneers are beautiful, long lasting and create a smile that patients are very proud to share with others.

Typically you only need to visit your local AACD dentist a few times to complete your porcelain veneer procedures. AACD member dentists are highly trained and can provide impressive results through the use of dental veneers. In a majority of cases, nobody will be aware that your teeth have veneers. Dental veneers are a type of cosmetic dental treatment. It helps you achieve the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of.

Crowns vs. Dental Veneers

In contrast to a crown, with veneers, your natural teeth stay mainly intact and there is just a minimal amount that is altered in order to fit your veneer. UP to one millimeter of tooth enamel needs to be removed in order to make room to place the shell-like veneer. With dental veneers, less tooth structure is removed, which helps to support your natural bite and teeth’s stability.

A dental crown is placed on top of your natural tooth and covers all sides of your tooth. They fit over the front of your tooth, along with the sides, to cover up any blemishes that are visible. Dental veneers are as long lasting and durable as dental crowns are, which makes them a good option for patients who want to improve their smile’s aesthetics.

Dental veneers may be used by many patients to address minor breaks, chips, or cracks. Veneers might also be recommended by dentists to quickly fix small gaps in between teeth or minor overlaps and twists.

Brighter, Whiter Smiles

Custom-made veneers, unlike natural teeth, resist tea and coffee stains, along with cigarette smoke since high-tech materials are used to make them. With regular dentist visits and dental hygiene, dental veneers may last for a number of years without discoloration or breakage.

For teeth that are resistant to whitening, or have been discolored due to taking certain medications or trauma, dental veneers are able to do what traditional teeth whitening is incapable of doing. Even the darkest teeth can look bright white with dental veneers. Patients with brighter, whiter smiles have a tendency to feel more confident and smile more often.


Explore The Most Recent Options And Innovations For This Proven Tooth Replacement Method

Partial Dentures

Dentists have been using partial dentures for many years to replace a couple of teeth scattered across the upper or lower jaw to replace several teeth in a group. There are a number of different removal partial dentures that are available for patients. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Partial dentures all attach to the remaining natural teeth. They have a gum-colored part that is intended to blend in with your existing natural gum, and there are prosthetic teeth for replacing any teeth that are missing.

Full Dentures

This type of denture is similar to partial dentures in the sense that they are also prosthetic gums and teeth that are used for replacing any teeth that are missing. The major difference between partial and full dentures is that a set of full dentures is a total replacement system to replace all lower, upper or both sets of teeth.

Direct Bonding

Use This Easy Additive Process To Recreate Your Old Beautiful Smile

Tooth Bonding is a very popular treatment since it offers an attachment that successful goes between the original dentin and enamel of the tooth and the filling material. It looks and functions just like the original teeth.

The smile is recreated by using direct composite bonding, where no or little tooth reduction is necessary. When a skilled dentist is in charge of the direct bonding, it is less expensive than dental crowns and porcelain veneers and with proper maintenance can be long-lasting.

Benefit of Dental Bonding

Patients are provided with many cosmetics benefits by dental bonding. Bonding is able to repair chipped and broken teeth and can close gaps in between teeth without needing any lengthy orthodontic treatments. Your AACD dentist can typically use dental bonding for improving your smile’s appearance in only one dentist office visit. Dental bonding may also be altered so that the patient can choose a cosmetic restoration that is more permanent in nature in the future.


  • Less tooth enamel needs to be removed
  • Repairs broke or damaged teeth
  • Lasting, durable material
  • Can close gaps in between teeth
  • Natural looking results
  • Can be colored matched and molded to adjacent teeth
  • In the future can be altered
  • Idea to develop that perfect smile

In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

The preferred whitening method is professional tooth whitening performed in a dentist office. Although strong agents get applied to the teeth, the rest of your mouth, including your gums, are protected from the materials. The finest whitening system has a buffer in the gel which protects tooth enamel against damage and is highly effective. Teeth can be transformed in just one office visit. In about one hour your teeth can literally be brightened by as many as 10 shades.

Just the front eight teeth are affected by in-office whitening and are a great start for at-home whitening, which is part of all effective whitening programs.

The best-qualified person for handling any issues that might arise from whitening treatments, like tooth sensitivity, is your dentist. Tooth a majority of tooth sensitivity cases are easy to manage.

Tooth whitening may last for one year or longer, depending on how you care for your teeth, and if you follow up on a regular basis with a home whitening product to keep your teeth maintained.

Home Or Over-The-Counter (OTC) Tooth Whitening Systems

These tooth whitening systems are commercially available and have become very popular, largely due to the fact that they are easy to use and fairly inexpensive.

There are a couple of different OTC tooth whitening systems that you can buy without supervision from your dentist. They include whitening gum, whitening toothpaste, moth traps and gel, paint-on tooth gel, and whitening strips. These products are usually safe to use, but if you have any oral problems, then you should ask your AACD dentist if it is safe to use the product.

Although there are many OTC tooth whitening products that are available for sale, dentist-supervised tooth whitening procedures are the most effective, safest method to brighten your smile. The following are some of the major reasons why you should consult with your dentist at all times:

  • Mouth Trays That Fit Properly. Quite often, OTC tooth whitening trays don’t properly fit a patient’s mouth. When the trays don’t fit properly, the tooth whitening gel might leak, and that can result in a less effective treatment and cause gum irritation.
  • More Comfortable Solutions. Even patients who have sensitive teeth are able to undergo teeth whitening treatment with today’s modern dentist-supervised systems.